Lens Test Equipment

Based on years of experience in measuring.

Lens Measuring Technologies

Carl Zeiss lenses comply with challenging lens requirements. In order to ensure this constant high quality in R&D and production Carl Zeiss has developed various sophisticated lens testing instruments. Based on decades of experience both economical and technical aspects were implemented in these instruments.

Optic manufacturers around the world work with these instruments in their production und labs.

MTF-Tester K8

Universal MTF-Testing instrument

The MTF-Tester K8 of Carl Zeiss is a versatile and compact instrument for the measurement of the modulation transfer function of photographic lenses or similar systems at infinite object distance. The measurement is performed in real-time at three different spatial frequencies. The measurement is based on a line image analysis by means of a scanning slit system.

On-axis MTF-Tester K9

On-axis MTF-Tester at infinity and close distance

The Carl Zeiss On-Axis MTF Tester K9 is a universal, modular designed equipment for measuring MTF on-axis at close distance. The MTF is determined for three spatial frequencies in real - time, applying line image analysis with a scanning slit system. Based on this principle important lens parameters as flange focal distance, accuracy of distance ring and focus shift can be measured precisely.

T-Stop Tester

Aperture measurement of photographic lenses

The Carl Zeiss T-Stop Tester is a universal and modular designed test equipment for measuring apertures of photographic lenses.

Since for the correct exposure of a film or an image sensor not the geometric aperture but the transmission corrected one is decisive, this equipment displays T-stop values. In order to ensure a simple and quick judging the measured values are displayed in exposure values (EV).

Distortion Tester

Radial distortion measurement of photographic lenses

The distortion of a lens is a major criterion describing the performance of lenses in addition to the overall image quality. It is especially important in architectural photos or photogrammetry photos.

The Carl Zeiss distortion measurement device permits the radial distortion of lenses with an infinite object distance to be determined in compliance with the German standard DIN 58187. Furthermore, the focal length of the lens under test is measured precisely.