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Planar 2/110 HFT PQ

 Planar 2/110 HFT PQ

Planar 2/110 HFT PQ

  • Stunningly fast and precise
  • With the Planar® 2/110 HFT PQ lens the full aperture of f/2 can, however, not only be used for focusing. The lens is so well corrected that the full aperture can be used for picture taking, too, of course.

Preferred use: Executive portraits under time pressure and available light conditions, editorial, people, travel, candid portraits on location, weddings, theatrical and stage photography.

In still photography this high speed Planar lens is an excellent tool for portrait photography. Combined with a modern medium format camera featuring a quick return mirror, the photographer has unparalled control of his or her portrait taking situation. This is especially useful with executive portraits: These photos are often expected to show some of the executive's environment with unwanted detail blurred out by a large aperture, need to have high technical qualitiy to enable poster size enlargements, and have to be done under considerable time constraints, often in available light - the perfect task for the Planar 2/110 HFT PQ lens. Similar situations face the candid wedding photographer and the theatrical and stage performance photo specialist. On top of that the Planar 2/110 HFT PQ lens is a very impressive piece of "glass"!

1 : 2
f (mm)
Ap. range 2 - 16
Focus ∞ to 0.8 m
Weight 1290 g

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